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themed by Cherrie H.

Designing-ly So!

Internships baby!

Internships are tricky.  Everyone worries about whether it’s paid or unpaid, whether if you are the office b***h, or even if it’ll help you.

I recently started an internship in Santa Monica at a showroom and let me tell you, the first day was amazing!  I got to witness an Interior Designer in action with her client shopping for furniture, the Business Development rep in action, heard stories about what happened at NeoCon, and the best part, to see a section of the showroom space planning! 

I am thrilled to tell you guys that yes, internships may be unpaid, or that you will be the media library b***h, but it will phenomenally help you!  The potential social networking that you will go through is infinite! 

It can be hard. Finding the time outside of school and work. I lucked out and found something that was flexible. So keep trekking Interior Design students and be open to all possibilities!

18th Jun 2011 (10:44 am) - By jadeduong

Interior Illustration Project

Final Project: Interior Illustration Class

So to give you guys an update, I said that I was going to post a my project that was France inspired. So here it is guys! This was my final project in Interior Illustration. I was going for a Contemporary French Bohemian look, but it ended up very transitional. Hope you guys like it!

7th Jun 2011 (9:50 am) - By jadeduong

Real Design for Real People

Don’t get me wrong, I love looking, drooling, dreaming over spaces that are pretty much million dollar budgeted designs. Ok, they may not be all million dollar budgets, but they’re in the thousands. Like this one here.

I got this picture from Elle Decor’s look book. They have a really neat “Get this Look” shopping list with every design that they have up and here is what I found to be the budget for a set up like this. Of course minus the wood floors, recessed lighting, and decor.  

  • Seating: 5700.00 (there was no sectional on the shopping list, so let’s go with this one)


  • Bistro Chair: 2325.00 

1st dibs bistro chair

  • Ottoman: 850.00 (the other ottomans suggested had no pricing)

1stdibs ottoman                  

  • Side Table: 800.00 

1st dibs side table

  • Chandelier: 6814.00 

1st dibs chandelier

(Queue horns) Grand Total: $16489.00

There are many people out there who are unemployed, newly out of college, and just broke. So what I mean by “Real Design for Real People” is simple. It’s about finding pieces similar to the ones above at a much lower cost. Don’t worry! You’re guest won’t even be able to tell, unless they’re in the business, but most likely they’ll compliment you on the deal for a piece with real likeness to the original.

So let’s see if I can find similar pieces that are still quality for thousands less! Just click on the image and it will take you to the site where I found these items.

  • Sectional: 2297.00


  • Bistro Chair: 110.99 

 red slipper chair

  • Ottoman: 44.99 

Target Ottoman

  • Side Table: 99.99 

mirrored side table

  • Chandelier: 124.99

Overstock Chandelier

(Queue Horns) Grand Total: 2677.96

I don’t even have to do the math for you for you to see the difference! With just some research and pricing, we all can be living in our dream space without such a huge debt in our pockets. Make sure to do your homework.  Its the spontaneous purchases that can add up real quick and then you’re over your budget. 

Here are some sites to visit for great pieces for your tight budgets.

Also try visiting your local flea market, thrift, or consignment store.  You may just find the vintage artwork that you have always been looking for! 

Have any questions or need help finding budgeted items I’ll be glad to help! Email me at designinglyso@gmail.com

14th May 2011 (1:25 pm) - By jadeduong

My inspiration has come from most of my travels and the desire to travel.  I love the feeling you get when you’re in a town or country that you’ve never traveled to before.  The smell, the architecture, and the food is different.  The overall visual experience of a different country is inspiring. That’s pretty much what I would like to achieve with my designs.  To give the user a feeling of awe and that its an escape from all the hustle and bustle of life. I’m working on an illustration project right now where I’m drawing from my experience in Paris, France. Once its done I’ll be sure to post it up!  Thanks for asking!


Photo Courtesy of wallpaperdock.com

14th May 2011 (10:56 am) - By jadeduong

You were totally right though, her second snippet release was…iffy. lol 

21st Apr 2011 (11:01 am) - By jadeduong

So what do I do since I’m unemployed and on Spring Break from school?  I cook! I felt like challenging myself. So I spent 8 hours, a full day’s work, making Beouf Bourguignon.

This dish takes real patience, however; the results are always worth the wait. If only your eyes could taste this picture! 

I followed Julia Child’s recipe, courtesy of Food.com. 


19th Apr 2011 (11:11 pm) - By jadeduong

Student Sample Swap

An event was held at GKK Works, an Architecture and Construction firm in Old Town Pasadena. The goal of the event was to provide students not only with material samples from different vendors, but also to provide students with a networking opportunity. A panel discussion was held amongst four different individuals all who are in the interior design industry.


They all offered great advice and tips about the industry.  The information that was most impactful during this panel was the emphasis on not giving up and opening up yourself to the idea that once out of college; it doesn’t always have to be at a kick-ass design firm that you work for. It can be at a furniture showroom, fabrics or wood vendor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still my dream to work for an awesome firm, but I know what they meant. The job market is tough for anyone right now and just because things don’t go as planned, doesn’t mean that we won’t get there! 


After that event I pretty much came home with tons of fabric, wood, tile, and 3form samples. Vendors came with tons of samples of their products and more.  It was a mad house of students grabbing as much fabric as they can.  I left with boxes and bags full of material. I seriously have enough samples to start my own material’s library however I will donate it to Fullerton College. Well, of course after I pick out my favorite items! 

I came across an article from the Los Angeles times about a FOOD PORN site called TasteSpotting.  I wish I had known about this site sooner! So many beautiful pictures of such delicious food. All in which have inspired me to take even more pictures of FOOD.  So I will start with this Mushroom Croque-Monsieur.

 Mushroom Croque-Mosieur

So how does this apply to Interior Design? 

Food photography and Interior Design have similar design principles. When we walk into a space, we take a look around the room. Our eyes scan the area, and although we don’t specifically look for balance, pattern, texture and etc. if its well designed and has those principles, we will either feel at ease, motivated, or stimulated. When we see a room that inspires us, we want to model our rooms to it.  It’s the same with food. When we see food that looks well arranged, colorful, and full of texture, we want to eat it! So we either hunt down a food truck, restaurant, or recipe that will provide us with what we so want.

So go on, and get your food porn on. 


1st Apr 2011 (9:00 am) - By jadeduong

The Craft

After driving for a half hour from Orange County to the Pacific Design Center I had realized that I forgot my camera.  I debated with myself on whether I should turn around and of course my answer was yes! What would a design blog be without photos???  Right.

So after driving an hour and a half and being a victim of road rage in traffic, I finally made it. With demonstrations to witness I first visited the CBS showroom. They featured fine upholstery and hand carved furniture.  This is grueling work guys! Imagine standing for hours on end, bending over constantly, applying nail heads to furniture, and carving wood! These workers are true artisans! 


Although I love IKEA dearly for making cheap modern furniture accessible, I really can’t wait until I can afford a piece that is custom and hand carved. I have such respect for the craft!

I was then off to the clay lamp base demonstration. 


Such a beautiful designer with beautiful designs! What I loved about this demonstration was that Lesley Anton made it look so easy.  She started with a block of clay and within minutes she had formed a tear drop vase.

My favorite of the day was Michael Savoia of Villa Savoia.  Michael was a sweetheart and a professional. He demonstrated on his computer the program that he uses for some of his embroidery.

Not only does he work with this program he also does embroidery by hand.  Michael has been doing this for over 20 years and his passion shows in his beautiful work.

I was asked whether I was looking into a career in embroidery, and I said “No, I’m here to learn about the process”. Which is how I feel about all of these demonstrations.  For a designer, its important to know how a piece was made.

We have to remind ourselves that there is always someone behind a pattern, a custom piece of furniture or a lamp and it is, that person who makes it unique and really, one of a kind.

West Week 2011- Pacific Design Center

Finally, a destination worth desigh-ing over! Ha, get it? Anyways, I am excited about this student day program coming up at the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood on March 25, 2011.  

There will be a demonstration on ‘Fine Upholstery’, starting from a bare frame, filling cushions, and applying fabric. YES to some this may sound blah but to me this is pure education!

We sometimes take for granted what we sit, lay, or walk on and learning about how something is built…builds an appreciation for the work. Check out the link for more information about West Week 2011.  Fortunately there are more programs throughout the week but unfortunately for the design field only. But if you like being teased go on and click the link.


Oh and I’ll be sure to post pics after the event!